Beneath the streets of Praetoria lies a vast expanse of tunnels, maintenance corridors, underground rail lines, and water mains and pipes. This complex may be the Resistance's home, but the Resistance is not alone down there in what its members call "The Dim."

Years ago, the Resistance heard frightening rumors. Someone would disappear, and that man or woman's remains would be found, stripped of flesh, torn apart, and with the bones gnawed upon. The Resistance began to whisper about "Them"--the things in the dark that hunted people.

Over the years, the rumors turned into tales, and the tales were gradually, painfully, confirmed as truth. Creatures lived down there in the tunnels, their numbers were growing, and they were hungry. These creatures now have a name, a simple, archaic, and descriptive name. They are no longer human. They are Ghouls.

You can't reason with them, you can't frighten them, and killing one of them just makes the others angrier. Where they come from no longer matters to anyone, for what's on everyone's mind is where they are off to in search of their next meal.

If you hear a scream echo from the depths, then you're probably safe. It's only when the shadows are deep and the tunnels are quiet that you should worry. For you see, Ghouls never hunt alone when they're hungry. And they're always hungry - always.