Power Sets

Electric Control


The Electric Control power set is all about the mastery of lightning to shock, overload, and defeat enemies. New powers, such as Jolting Chain, arc between enemies, creating dazzling chains of electrical energy. Controllers and Dominators can finally enjoy full command of electrical forces. High-end Electric Control wielders command Gremlins, beings of solid lightning that attack with sparks of energy that may disrupt technology.

Featuring a diverse set of rapid-fire controls, Electric Control plays very differently from most power sets. With its combination of immobilization, sleep, knockdown, and confusion effects and endurance drains, Electric Control is excellent at controlling large groups and preventing incoming damage by preventing enemies from being able to attack you and your allies. Its chaining control powers can even hit targets that would be out of the range of normal area-of-effect attacks as long as nearby enemies are positioned to jump the circuit.

Power Set

  • Electric Fence
  • Tesla Cage
  • Chain Fences
  • Jolting Chain
  • Conductive Aura
  • Static Field
  • Paralyzing Blast
  • Synaptic Overload
  • Gremlins