The Resistance attempts to awaken the populace to the reality of what's going on in Praetoria, and it does everything in its power to get would-be Heroes and Villains educated and out of Praetoria as quickly as possible. Members of the Resistance have banded together under the universal goal of stopping Tyrant and returning freedom to all. Their motivations and their personal goals are as varied as their origins. Some seek revenge, while others want to do right. Some seek peace, while others want personal power. They are clean, wired in, and smart. Among their ranks are hackers, robotics engineers, ex-military personnel, and escaped convicts. Although the Resistance draws strength from a common goal, the diversity of its membership is its greatest exploitable weakness.

The Resistance is formed from numerous cells that operate independently across the world. Its members can be encountered throughout Praetoria City's back alleys, huddling in automated warehouses and factories, and living in the tunnels deep beneath her streets. Its various cells move top side to conduct missions before slipping away to hide or blend into the populace in disguise. Members keep a very low profile and avoid detection from Mother Mayhem's Seers through a small device given to every member that cloaks the wearer's thoughts. According to the media, the escaped mental patient, Calvin Scott,
is the fugitive mastermind behind the Resistance insurgency.