"I don't even see the Seers anymore. I just know that I'm safe."--Joshua Combes, Engineer, Gravatech Labs

Like Lady Justice herself, the Seers stand vigilant over their city and keep her citizens safe from themselves. They are uncompromising but fair in all their judgments. The Seers put a stop to crime before it even happens.

The Seers are possibly the greatest law enforcement officers ever created. The Seer Network blankets Praetoria City, rooting out criminal thoughts and then reporting them to the Praetoria Police Department. Once suspects are apprehended and brought in on charges, they are subjected to a more thorough scanning by Seer Beholders and PPD Interrogators who discover the truth of the situation.

Thought crime does not carry a harsh punishment, however. Those found guilty are merely subjected to resocialization and reeducation regimens that correct the mental imbalances that are the source of such criminal behavior. Once rehabilitated, a prisoner's citizenship is reinstated, and he or she is returned to his or her normal life. Praetoria's thought criminal prison, the Behavioral Adjustment Facility, is a small, efficient institute that concentrates on correcting the problem, not just the symptoms.

Unfortunately, the heroic and self-serving Seers have short life spans, though their life spans are longer than they would have been without Seer training and augmentations. Every Seer was at one time an unstable and dangerous psychic. Careful screening detects these individuals before they can become a danger to the city, and they are given a choice: live out the rest of their short lives in the Mother of Mercy Psychiatric Hospital where they will be monitored and cared for, or become Seers and use their powers to do good for the city. The majority chooses to help others, and thanks to the Seers' noble sacrifices, Praetorians live in a world with little fear of crime.