Intercepted Police Transmission: Multiple Crimes in Progress

Dispatcher: "Unit 77, respond to public disturbance at 5th and Imperial Avenue, over."

Unit 77: "Negative, Dispatch, on scene of convenience store robbery at 17th and Adams, over."

Dispatcher: "Report of shots fired at loading docks on Scranton Street. Requesting visual confirmation. All units in area respond, over."

Unit 213: "Roger that, Dispatch, 213 responding. It's busy tonight, over."

Unit 188: "This is 188 on scene. Automatic weapons fire, multiple suspects--waiting for backup, over."

Dispatcher: "All units in downtown Aureas, respond to escalating disturbance on Imperial Avenue, 5th, 6th, and 7th streets. Situation is now classified as a Class 2 riot. Three civilians reported injured. Requesting confirmation from officers on scene that Go-gangers are present, over."

Unit 309: "Officer down! Officer down! Robbery in progress at Imperial Bank of Praetoria! Requesting immediate backup! Requesting . . ."

Dispatcher: "All units, all units, priority command. We have an officer down at Imperial Bank of Praetoria in downtown Imperial City. I repeat, officer down at Imperial Bank of Praetoria. All units respond immediately, over."

Unit 77: "Dispatch, this is 77. What the hell is going on out here tonight?"

Dispatcher: "Unit 309, this is Dispatch. Requesting visual identification of suspects, over."

Unit 309: "This is 309. Suspects are in black, high-powered automatic weapons, and . . . swords? They're moving in on my position!"

Dispatcher: "All units bulletin. Lethal force has been authorized for all current engagements. Visual confirmation has been acquired. They're Syndicate."