Power Sets

Demon Summoning


The Demon Summoning power set imbues Masterminds the ability to tap into the abyss and conjure seven different types of elemental demons, each with its own unique themed attacks. Demon Summoning lets a Mastermind wade into the thick of the fight with elemental demon henchmen instead of hanging back and attacking at range. Demon Summoning is a primary power choice for Masterminds and is the power set of choice for Desdemona, one of the City of Heroes Going Rogue™ signature characters.

The hellfire whip and the seven elemental demons--Fiery Demonling, Cold Demonling, Hellfire Demonling, Ember Demon, Hellfire Gargoyle, Demon Prince, and Living Hellfire--are what sets Demon Summoning apart from other Mastermind primary power sets. The hellfire whip, dealing fire and toxic damage, reduces its target's resistance with searing, torturous hellfire. Unlike typical Mastermind attacks, hellfire whip attacks (except Corruption) have a much shorter range. Crack Whip and Lash with a hellfire whip have a longer range than melee attacks, but much shorter range than ranged attacks. The fire-, cold-, and hellfire-based attacks of the demons provide a variety of secondary effects.

Power Set

  • Corruption
  • Summon Demonlings
  • Lash
  • Enchant Demon
  • Crack Whip
  • Summon Demons
  • Hell on Earth
  • Summon Demon Prince
  • Abyssal Empowerment