Power Sets

Dual Pistols


The Dual Pistols power set lets Heroes, Villains, and Praetorians alike wield two pistols to powerful and versatile effect. The power set brings to bear a wide variety of debuffs and damage types to adapt to many tactical situations. Dual Pistols is designed to be a primary power choice for Blasters and Corruptors, and a secondary choice for Defenders. Maelstrom, one of the signature characters from City of Heroes Going Rogue™, uses this highly requested power set.

What distinguishes the Dual Pistols power set is its ability to modify its secondary damage and effect. The majority of damage inflicted by Dual Pistols powers is lethal, and the remaining secondary damage type can be modified. By selecting the Swap Ammo power, a player can change secondary damage from cold to fire or even toxic at the click of a button. Swap Ammo also applies -Resistance, -Damage, and -Speed debuffs as secondary effects of the ammo type, as well as some crowd control capability through Hold and Knockdown effects. Versatility can be quite powerful as a power set trait, so this set is balanced through its slightly weaker secondary effects.

Power Set

  • Pistols
  • Dual Wield
  • Empty Clips
  • Swap Ammo
  • Bullet Rain
  • Suppressive Fire
  • Executioner Shot
  • Piercing Rounds
  • Hail of Bullets