Incarnate System Overview

Incarnate abilities are the primary new feature of the Incarnate system. Incarnate abilities are new skills and powers that work with your character's existing power sets. The Incarnate system features at least 10 Incarnate slots that we know of. Each Incarnate slot unlocks new, customizable Incarnate abilities.

Each Incarnate slot offers multiple trees or branches that you can select from, allowing for greater customization of existing powers and even letting your character gain never-before-seen powers. Every major content update will reveal new Incarnate abilities.

Unlocking an Incarnate slot does not by itself grant new abilities. You must seek out new Incarnate components from high-level encounters. You craft the new Incarnate abilities from these new components. Crafting and selecting an Incarnate ability is not an irrevocable choice, however. Unlike Enhancements, crafted Incarnate abilities can be replaced or removed without destroying the ability.

Heroes and Villains will soon find that new challenges will rise up to face them, challenges that only an Incarnate can triumph over!

Known Incarnate System Slots

  • Alpha: Provides universal enhancements for powers.
  • Judgement: Grants new upgradeable area of effect (AOE) powers.
  • Interface: Modify your existing powers to add additional damage or debuffs to those powers.
  • Lore: Summon the essence of vanquished Praetorian foes to battle by your side.
  • Destiny: Offers new group healing, buff, and resurrection abilities.
  • Hybrid: Still to be unlocked.
  • Genesis: Still to be unlocked.
  • Mind: Still to be unlocked.
  • Vitae: Still to be unlocked.
  • Omega: Still to be unlocked.