Character Profile

  • Secret Identity: Michael White
  • Occupation: Praetor of Security
  • Affiliations: Praetorian Police Department, Powers Division
  • Archetype: Brute
  • Powersets: Super Strength/Invulnerability
  • Height: 7'11"
  • Weight: 320 lbs.
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Hair: Black, worn in dreadlocks
  • Distinguishing Marks: Cybernetic arms, tattoo on left shoulder


Michael White has always been the strongest and toughest man on the block, so when the Hamidon Wars threatened to ravage the Earth, White did what he did best--he fought back. Forming a ragtag group of fighters as the world was ending was no easy task, but through strength and determination, he did just that. He adopted the name Marauder and led his squad across the West. Under his watchful eye, thousands survived where none should have.

Impressed with his initiative and dedication, Emperor Cole granted Marauder the title of Praetor of Security. With his new role, Praetor White has been tasked with stamping out the Resistance, a job the Praetoria Police Department doesn't seem capable of handling alone. To combat this menace, he has formed the Powers Division, a team of super-powered individuals handpicked by Praetor White himself. There is only one rule in the Powers Division: The strong make the rules.

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