Getting Started with Bases

Getting Started with Bases

If your Supergroup does not have a base, your Leader can set up one at the Supergroup Registrar in Atlas Park (for heroes) or Port Oakes (for villains).

After you have registered a base you can use the Base Portals (found in every PvE zone) to enter your base. Initially, your base will have an Entrance Room and Main Portal and nothing more.


Building a base requires Prestige, a measure of what your group has accomplished. Supergroup members earn this by defeating foes and completing missions in supergroup mode.


If you are in supergroup mode, defeated foes will sometimes drop salvage items. You can use these to build special equipment for your base.

Supergroup Badges

You can now earn badges for your supergroup, similar to regular badges. To satisfy the requirements you must be in supergroup mode. All the members of your supergroup contribute towards these badges. These badges will unlock recipes to build special base items.

Who Can Edit?

Your base can be edited by any member of your supergroup who has been given permission. The supergroup leader can set Base Editing privileges by going to Supergroup/Options/Permissions.

The leader can choose the rank(s) allowed to edit the base. Leaders are always able to edit a base. Only one person can edit at a time.