Building Items for Bases

Building Items for Bases

Your base starts with only simple versions of most items. To have better, you must gather recipes and salvage.

Some recipes are automatically available to you. Others can be unlocked by earning Supergroup Badges and completing specific missions. You collect salvage by defeating mobs while in Supergroup mode.

All building is done in workshops using worktables. There are three levels of worktables for both Tech and Arcane: basic, advanced and expert. Selecting a worktable will display a list of what you can build there.

Building an item is a two-step process. In the first step you use multiple pieces of salvage to build components.

Each table can build two types of components:

  • Basic Tech: Tech Material, Tech Power
  • Basic Arcane: Mystic Element, Mystic Foci
  • Advanced Tech: Tech Hardware, Tech Prototype
  • Advanced Arcane: Arcane Glyph, Arcane Essence
  • Expert Tech: Tech Software, Experimental Tech
  • Expert Arcane: Magical Ward, Magical Artifact

The second step is to use these components to build the actual item. Every item recipe lists the types and numbers of components you need to build it. The type of salvage originally used does not matter so long as the correct components are used.

When you choose to build a component or item, the necessary pieces are automatically removed from your salvage inventory.

You can then place the item using the Add Personal Item button in the Front Entrance. Items you build cannot be transferred from one base to another. Note that placing personal items does cost prestige.

If you sell the item later, you will regain the Prestige cost, but all salvage used to build it will be lost.