Five Easy Steps to Create Your New Base!

Five Easy Steps to Create Your New Base!

So, you've dreamed about your heroic fortress or your villainous lair? Here are the five easy steps to create your new, unique base!

1. Register Your Base

First, your supergroup must register your base with the registrar. Base registrars can be found in Atlas Park and Galaxy City for Heroes and in Port Oakes for Villains. Once you register, you can enter your new base through any of the Base Portals found across the Paragon City or the Rogue Isles.

2. Check Out Your New Base

When you first enter, you will only have one room, your secret entrance through which you will always enter or exit your base. To create more space, click on Edit Base.

If the existing plot is not large enough for your envisioned citadel, you can also click on Upgrade Plot to purchase more space. Remember, creating your team base will cost prestige.

3. Create New Rooms

Once you enter the Edit Base function, you can begin creating your new rooms. When you click Create Room, there are 9 types of rooms or spaces that you can create: Doorway, Decorative, Energy, Control, Defense, Transport, Workshop, Medical, and Vault.

  • Doorways simply connect two adjacent rooms.
  • Decorative rooms are for hanging out and having fun.
  • Energy rooms will contain your energy sources such as generators that are necessary to run any items you might place in your base.
  • Control rooms are where you will put your control items, also necessary to run a successful base.
  • Defense rooms are corridors and other choke points that allow you to control movement through your base.
  • Transport rooms allow you to set up teleportation equipment and beacons allowing you to raid and be raided by other Supergroups.
  • Workshops are where you will create new items for your base from the salvage you gather off enemies.
  • Medical rooms can act as a hospital for your Supergroup and can be fitted with other important medical devices.
  • Finally, the Vault is where you will place your Items of Power.

4. Pick Your Style

Do you want a meditative base with wooden floors and warm lighting? Or would you rather have a raucous, cutting edge base full of high tech gear?

Or a magical place where you and your supergroup can performs rituals of power? Or do you want an eclectic base with a little of each? The choice is yours — each room can be decorated individually or you can create a style for your entire base.

When you click the Pick Style button you have innumerable options mixing and matching various floor, wall, and ceiling types as well as ambient lighting of almost any color!

5. Place Items

Once you have your floors, walls, and ceilings designed, you can then begin placing items. Remember that you will need a control system and energy source to run your base!

This is also where you get to choose your furniture, special lighting and other accent items so let loose your inner decorator!

If you want an Item of Power, it must be won through a trial or successful raid.

As you create your unique base, don't forget that you will need the following in orderto take part in Base Raids:

  • Your base must have at least 8 rooms, including a Vault room.
  • You must place 6 Dimensional Anchors. Only one can be placed per room. Anchors cannot be placed in the Entrance or Vault rooms.
  • You must have an Item of Power you've earned through a trial or successful raid placed in your Vault.
  • You must have a Raid Teleporter to send attackers into the defending base.

That's all it takes to create a base! You now have a great new place to hang out with your friends, show off to other supergroups, and defend in raids!