Player Choices

Player Choices

Playing City of Heroes Freedom always gives you super-powered action, over seven years of exciting stories, and constantly updated features and MMORPG content. Get more depending on what you choose as a player.

Play for Free

As a new free City of Heroes Freedom player, you can:

  • Play as a Hero or Villain for up to Level 50.
  • Play in 45 different game zones.
  • Select from 8 character archetypes and 100 Power Sets.
  • Create costumes for up to 2 characters from billions of combinations.
  • Enjoy over 1,000 missions that will allow you to travel in time, visit alternate dimensions, and fight off alien invasions.
  • Buy anything you'd like from the in-game store.

Returning Players Become Premium Players

We honor your commitment and experience! If you used to play City of Heroes, you automatically become a Premium Player. New free players can become Premium Players by buying any amount of Paragon Points.

  • Get everything that free players get, plus.
  • Retain nearly everything you already purchased or unlocked, including Super Boosters, expansions, and directly purchased character slots.
  • Retain all the Veteran Rewards you earned.

VIP Players

Subscribe as a VIP player and you get exclusive content and priority treatment.

  • Receive everything that free players get, plus
  • Play with all 14 Archetypes, and over 150 Power Sets.
  • Enjoy at least 12 character slots per server.
  • Access the Going Rogue expansion, including 4 more Power Sets
  • Get monthly signature story arcs for free.

Side-by-Side Comparison*

Character Features New Free Players Premium Players VIP Players
Archetypes 8 8+ 14
Maximum Level 50 50 50
Power Sets 100+ 100+ 150+
Costume Pieces, Auras Thousands Thousands Thousands+
Content Features
Access to City of Heroes Going Rogue™ which includes:
  • Four Power Sets (Dual Pistols, Demon Summoning, Kinetic Melee, Electric Control)
  • The Going Rogue Alignment System
  • Access to Praetoria and all of its zones
Purchasable Purchasable Included
Travel access to First Ward, the new zone. Included Included Included
Access to First Ward missions. Purchasable Purchasable Included
The Incarnate System, which includes:
  • Incarnate Trials (endgame raids)
  • Ability to unlock over 50+ Incarnate abilities
Not available Not available Included
Social Features
Super Groups Not available Can join Can join or create
Chat Channels Local, Team Local, Team, Whispers (Tells) All game channels, and can create them
In-Game Mail Not available Included Included
Forums Access Read only Read only Read or write
Account Features
Free Paragon Points Not available Not available 400 per month
Access to Tier 9 VIP Rewards Not available Not available Included
Character Slots 2 total 2 total, plus slots that were unlocked or directly purchased 12 per server
Server Transfers Purchasable Purchasable 1 free per month
Auction House Use Purchasable Purchasable, or unlocked through Paragon Rewards Buy/sell/store
Mission Architect Purchasable Unlocked through Paragon Rewards Play/create
Inventions Purchasable Purchasable, or unlocked through Paragon Rewards Included
Priority Queues Not available Not available Included
VIP-Only Server Not available Not available Included
Premium In-Game Customer Support Not available Not available Included
*Subject to change by launch.

The Paragon Rewards program will offer:

  • Veteran Rewards credit that translates into Paragon Rewards credit.
  • New accountwide permanent rewards.
  • Rewards you can redeem more than once--if you want to.
  • A flexible choice on which reward you earn next.
  • An easy way to see your current standing in the Paragon Rewards program.

Current players of City of Heroes® have enjoyed the Veteran Rewards program for years. Under that program, players received new bonuses for every three months they subscribed to the game. With the launch of City of Heroes Freedom™, Paragon Rewards--a superior rewards program in every way-- will replace the Veteran Rewards program.

Paragon Rewards gives you credit for every single month you are a VIP player, not every three. In addition, purchasing Paragon Points for use in the Paragon Market will improve your Paragon Rewards standing. You'll be able to select from all the rewards that you to could find in the Veteran Rewards in the Paragon Rewards program and new rewards exclusive to the Paragon Rewards program, as well! In addition, you can choose which rewards you receive every time you earn a new one.

We've worked to make sure that the Paragon Rewards program treats our current players right. You will keep all of your accumulated Veteran Rewards and badges. In addition, you will have a head start in the new Paragon Rewards program. You'll be closer to earning the top tier rewards reserved for our most dedicated and loyal players right on day one.

We honor the commitment and experience of returning players, too. If you were a City of Heroes subscriber previously, you will find all of your previous Veteran Rewards intact, even if you are not a VIP player.

All City of Heroes Freedom players will be able to use the Paragon Rewards program to select from rewards that include costume parts, powers, auras, badges, account wide enhancements and services, and repeatable monthly rewards.