Freedom FAQ

Freedom FAQ

Q: Why is City of Heroes® moving to a hybrid model?
A: It's the right time. We've been planning this transition to Freedom for well over a year now. We believe this is the best way for us to provide more value to our devoted players than ever before. Over the past few years, MMO players have been enthusiastically embracing "choice". By making the transition now, we're putting our stake in the ground as a leader in the industry, helping to define the future of the MMO gaming space.

Q: I am currently a subscriber to City of Heroes. What does this change mean for me?
A: All current City of Heroes subscribers are automatically upgraded to VIP accounts in City of Heroes Freedom. You will continue to enjoy all of the subscription benefits and content you enjoy today, as well as new exclusive rewards, features, and services. Additionally, you will earn 400 Paragon Points™ each month, receive one free Server Transfer Token each month, and gain access to the new exclusive VIP-only server, Exalted.

Q: What are Paragon Points?
A: Paragon Points are a form of currency that you can use to purchase items and services from the Paragon Market. You can purchase Paragon Points through the Paragon Market or our partners. VIP Players automatically get a 400 Paragon Point bonus per month as part of their subscription.

Q: What is the Paragon Market?
A: The Paragon Market is a new in-game store where you can purchase costumes, powers, items, and game services or features without ever having to leave the game.

Q: Are booster packs available from the Paragon Market?
A: Super boosters and booster packs that used to be sold from the NCsoft store are no longer available for sale. However, the costumes, powers, emotes, and auras from super boosters and booster packs are available for sale individually or as part of different bundles in the Paragon Market.

Q: What will happen to the game servers?
A: All 15 existing global servers will be available in City of Heroes Freedom. We are also adding a 16th server, Exalted. Only VIP players will have access to Exalted.

Q: Will VIP Players play with Free players?
A: Yes, although we have taken several steps to make sure that our VIP Players have the choice for how they want to play, including creating a new VIP-only server, Exalted.

Q: What happens to my Veteran Rewards? Will I continue to earn new Veteran Rewards?
A: We are replacing the Veteran Rewards with the Paragon Rewards program, a rewards program superior in every way with Veteran Rewards. It will provide new rewards, features, and choices. The Paragon Reward program unlocks new exclusive rewards on top of the existing Veteran Rewards. All veteran players keep their Veteran Rewards and badges, even if they choose to play for free.

Q: What is the difference between a Reward Token and a Paragon Point?
A: Reward Tokens can be redeemed to unlock free in-game benefits. They are earned as part of your monthly VIP Player subscription or as a bonus for purchasing Paragon Points. Paragon Points can be used to purchase items through the new in-game Paragon Market.

Q: What will happen with the issue game content system? Will there still be free issues?
A: City of Heroes Freedom lets Paragon Studios® continue to support free issue launches and major seasonal events that expand the lore of the City of Heroes universe. City of Heroes Freedom features numerous free updates. In fact, we are inaugurating City of Heroes Freedom with a new issue, Issue 21: Convergence!

Q: What new game content will we see in City of Heroes Freedom?
A: Issue 21: Convergence is launching alongside City of Heroes Freedom. Issue 21 packs in the First Ward co-op zone, gripped in mystical conflict, as well as the Time Manipulation Power Set, the IDF and Defense Costume Sets, the Underground Incarnate Trial, the new Seed of Hamidon zone event, and over 60 new missions.

Q: What content will Free Players receive?
A: A Free Player can achieve maximum character level (Level 50) in the game and can choose from among eight Archetypes (classes). Free Players can create up to two characters (total) and play as Heroes in Paragon City™ or Villains in the Rogue Isles™. Free Players can join in most Task Forces, Strike Forces, Trials, and raids. However, certain content and rewards are reserved for VIP Players only.
Free Players are restricted from certain systems within the game (alignment change, Day Jobs, Mission Architect, and so on), and they will not receive any live support unless they upgrade to VIP Player status. They can still access self-help support.
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Q: What additional content will VIP Players get?
A: A VIP Player will enjoy the same benefits as a current City of Heroes subscriber and much more!
In addition to the regular Issue content updates, VIP Players will receive new monthly Signature Story Arcs as well as full access to Incarnate Trials and Going Rogue expansion content. VIP Players have high priority status in any server queues, access to live in-game support, and one free server transfer per month. VIP Players also receive 400 Paragon Points each month and earn exclusive rewards in the Paragon Rewards program.
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Q: If I am a subscriber now, what will happen to my account if I choose to become a Free Player?
A: Current City of Heroes subscribers who choose to become Free Players will retain access to tons of content. However some Issue content is reserved for VIP Players, including Power Sets, Costume Sets, and so on. One notable difference is that Free Players are limited to two character slots total, plus any character slots directly purchased or earned through Veteran Rewards. All existing characters will be saved and reenabled if a player subscribes as a VIP Player.
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