Paragon City: Skyway City

Paragon City: Skyway City


Back in the 1970s, with traffic congestion in Paragon City reaching major headache levels, the solution seemed obvious: build upwards! Create graceful sweeping highways!

Take the pressure off surface streets by moving traffic above the city on high-spanning bridges. As a result, Skyway City - the big highway in the sky - was born.

The epitome of modern efficiency, Skyway City was destined to be a model for the future.

Instead, it became a model of cold concrete and steel - a soulless passageway on the way to more interesting destinations. Soon, the original plans for extending the Skyway bridges throughout the city fell by the wayside.

Today, Skyway City is the only remnant of this grand but misguided idea in Paragon City.

A major hub for cross-city travel, Skyway City connects with Atlas Park to the North, Perez Park to the Northwest, King's Row to the West, Faultline to the South and Talos Island to the East.

You can also take the monorail from King's Row to Skyway City, with connections as well to Atlas Park. For the more adventurous (or foolhardy), an entrance to the sewers is located in Skyway City.


With an abundance of salvageable materials on hand, Skyway City is a haven for the deadly Clockwork. Visitors should keep a sharp eye out for these mechanical, scavenging menaces.

More recently, Skyway City has become home to a street gang known as the Trolls.

Found camped out under the many bridges in the area, the Trolls have made the unstable and dangerous street drug Superadine an integral part of gang membership.

This widely popular drug has become a mainstay in their initiation rites, their tests of strength and will, and an increasingly important factor in a member's rise through the ranks. With the ingestion of massive doses, many of the senior Trolls have experienced physical and mental mutations of a monstrous nature, including inhuman strength and resistance.

To make matters even worse, Paragon City's law enforcement community suspects a link between the Trolls and the Family - the well-organized gang that runs Independence Port - but little proof has been found to date.


With Superadine pumping through their bodies and occasionally short-circuiting their brains, the Trolls have become one of the most dangerous and frightening threats to Paragon City. Drug-induced rampages have become the norm; unprovoked, senseless, and violent, these acts spare no one in the vicinity.

Skyway City once stood as the bright, soaring promise of a new age. Sadly, it's become the spawning ground of drug-crazed monsters. Something must be done to curb this advancing tide of blood and madness.

Without the timely intervention of a new generation of heroes, the future of this section of Paragon City looks grim indeed.