Hero Archetypes

Hero Archetypes




The Blaster is an offensive juggernaut. Whether up close or afar, he can deal out tremendous amounts of damage.

In comparison to the other Archetypes, the Blaster is by far the most damaging to the enemy. But the Blaster is quite fragile; this Archetype has relatively few hit points.

Blaster heroes must be on their guard before getting into combat; while their immense power can overcome most foes, alone they are quite vulnerable. The Blaster can turn the tide of a conflict, but they need their friends to help them succeed.

  • Hit Points: Low
  • Damage: High
  • Primary Power Category - Ranged
  • Secondary Power Category - Support




The Controller is at the same time the weakest and yet the most powerful of the archetypes.

The Controller has few offensive attacks and possesses the fewest hit points. But the Controller has access to a range of powers that no one else has: the Control power sets. Armed with these powers, a Controller can affect the behavior of villains — from freezing them in place to routing them away.

Armed with such abilities, the Controller is the backbone of many groups involved in large-scale battles - but the Controller depends upon his teammates for protection.

  • Hit Points: Low
  • Damage: Low
  • Primary Power Category - Control
  • Secondary Power Category - Buff




The Defender is a long-range support specialist. This Archetype is effective with ranged attacks (though not quite on par with the Blaster), but the Defender's true worth shines in another area.

Defenders are the premier helpers in the game - they are the best at strengthening their teammate's abilities (buffing) and weakening foes (debuffing). They aren't built for lengthy hand to hand combat, though they aren't fragile, either.

The Defender needs to keep an eye both on his teammates and the enemy — in order to see which requires his powerful attention first!

  • Hit Points: Low
  • Damage: Low
  • Primary Power Category - Buff
  • Secondary Power Category - Ranged




No lone criminal wants to cross paths with a Scrapper - because odds are that only the Scrapper is going to walk away.

Ferocity and skill make the Scrapper master of hand to hand combat. However, Scrappers do not have any ranged attacks, so they rely on the other Archetypes to help in battles requiring long-range punch.

The Scrapper is resilient, though, and after the Tanker, the best Archetype at withstanding damage.

  • Hit Points: Medium
  • Damage: High
  • Primary Power Category - Melee
  • Secondary Power Category - Defense




The Tanker is an irresistible force combined with an immovable object. This Archetype can take and dish out all sorts of damage.

The Tanker is not totally invulnerable, but his skills allow the other Archetypes to play their parts, too. The Tanker is a devastating hand to hand combatant, and ranks second only to the Scrapper in sheer melee power. He possesses some ranged abilities, though far below those of the Blaster or the Defender.

Tankers proudly stand in the front lines of battle in order to protect their comrades and, of course, the innocent.

  • Hit Points: High
  • Damage: Medium
  • Primary Power Category - Defense
  • Secondary Power Category - Melee