Paragon Rewards™ Details

Paragon Rewards™ Details

In the Paragon Rewards program that releases with City of Heroes Freedom™, you will get:

  • More frequent rewards.
  • A choice between permanent and repeatable rewards.
  • The freedom to keep all of your earned badges and rewards you've earned through the Veteran Rewards Program, while unlocking new exclusive rewards.
  • A clear and easier path to acquire elite VIP rewards.
  • A way to maintain and showcase your elite status as a veteran player.

Enrollment Is Automatic, and Rewards Are Generous

You enrollment in Paragon Rewards is automatic when City of Heroes Freedom releases.

When the Paragon Rewards program begins, Veteran Rewards and subscription time in City of Heroes® convert to Reward Tokens. You earn:

  • 1 Reward Token for every Veteran Rewards badge.
  • 1 Reward Token for every 12 months of subscription.

You can then use Reward Tokens to unlock Paragon Rewards. All the same badges from the Veteran Rewards program can still be unlocked in the Paragon Rewards program. You can choose to reslot them as rewards. Or you can choose different rewards. The choice is yours--and you'll get more rewards than you would have gotten under the Veteran Rewards program because the conversion grants you credit for your subscription time.

Reward Tokens

A Reward Token is a free bonus you earn that you can use to unlock Paragon Rewards. Reward Tokens and Paragon Points™ are not interchangeable. Reward Tokens can only be used in the Paragon Rewards program. You cannot purchase Reward Tokens using Paragon Points, and vice versa.

Reward Token Rate After City of Heroes Freedom Launches

While City of Heroes Freedom is in release, you earn Reward Tokens, too.

  • Earn 1 Reward Token for every month of subscription
  • Earn 1 Reward Token for every 12 months of subscription.
  • Earn 1 Reward Token for every 1,200 Paragon Points (approximately $15) that you purchase through the Paragon Market.

Paragon Rewards Tiers

The Paragon Rewards program has nine tiers. Each tier has one to seven rewards that can each be unlocked with a Reward Token. If you have earned enough Reward Tokens to completely fill a tier, you unlock the accountwide benefits for that tier.

VIP players will already receive most tier benefits as part of a subscription. These include access to Mission Architect, the Mastermind and Controller class, and the auction house. Tier benefits help free and premium players gradually unlock access to some in-game systems in City of Heroes Freedom that VIP players already have access to as a benefit of their elite status.

You cannot drop down to a lower tier or lose access to any permanent rewards or badges that you have already unlocked even if you switch from VIP to premium status. You don't need to do anything special to maintain your standing in the Paragon Rewards program. (Of course, you must still observe the Terms and Conditions of the City of Heroes Freedom game that you will have agreed to by deciding to play the game.)

Tier 9 and Tier 9 VIP

Tier 9 and Tier 9 VIP are the top tiers of the Paragon Rewards program. The rewards these tiers offer are meant to benefit our most veteran players.

  • Tier 9 offers new consumable, repeatable rewards.
  • Tier 9 VIP offers new exclusive costumes, powers, and other exciting in-game rewards. These Tier 9 VIP rewards will be refreshed every 3 to 4 months and are available for free for Tier 9 VIP players. Players must have an active VIP subscription in order to claim Tier 9 VIP rewards.
Tier 9 Rewards (Sample)

  • Summon a Signature Hero/Villain Power. This new temporary power is exclusive to the Paragon Rewards program. Summon a signature Hero or Villain (depending on your alignment) to temporarily help you out.
  • XP Boosters. Available in the Paragon Market, but also available for free in Tier 9. Using a Double XP Booster gives you a temporary boost to the XP you earn in game.
  • Enhancement Unslotters. Available in the Paragon Market, but also available for free in Tier 9. Using an Enhancement Unslotter changes one enhancement at a time without you having to do a complete respec.
  • Enhancement Boosters. Available in the Paragon Market, but also available for free in Tier 9. Using an Enhancement Booster increases the power of crafted Invention Origins to even higher levels than normally available.
Tier 9 VIP Rewards (Sample)
  • Celestial Armor Set. The first new Tier 9 VIP costume set is the Celestial Armor set. In addition to over 30 new costume parts, the Celestial Armor set includes five weapon customization options, the new Celestial Aura, and for--the first time ever in City of Heroes--glowing wings of energy.

Comparison of Veteran Rewards vs. Rewards Program

Rewards Veteran Rewards Program Paragon Rewards Program Paragon Rewards Program plus Tier 9 VIP
Costume Parts 50+ 50+ 70+
Powers 13 15+ 16+
Auras 0 4 5+
Badges 29 34 34
Enhancements 0 5 5
Base Items 50+ 50+ 50+
Merit Rewards 5 6 7
Respecs 6 6 6
Tailor Tokens 10 10 10
Enhancement Boosters 0 6 10+
Enhancement Unslotters 0 8 15+