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Old 01-18-2015, 10:05 PM
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Default Moon Hazzard Zone

Because it wouldn't be the same without it.

The original Moon Hazard Zone was envisioned way back before City of Villains was announced so the thought of a Co-op zone never crossed my mind. However, I have to agree that a Moon Zone should be a Co-op zone. I however refuse to change the title, this has been the "Moon Hazard Zone" since mid 2004 so I'll keep it as that (this being it's second incarnation, (third now) the first having succumbed to a mod wipe in 2005). I purposely kept the Rikti out of the zone, because frankly I think they are in enough zones as is, and would like to see something different.

Since I'm changing it to a co-op zone instead of a hazard zone. I added a third base for Villains. The second base is now called the Armstrong Lunar Facility as per Positrons update on the subject. The first base will still belong to the 5th Column. (Hey you absolutely have to have the 5th Column on the moon trying to build a giant planet-threatening laser. It just wouldn't be the same without that.

Updated 10/15/2007

Moon Hazard Zone. Level 50+ Co-op Zone

Zone Level

The areas surrounding the bases are level 50 - 51; the majority of the zone is 50 - 52; with one area that is level 52 - 53; which has one small part in the center that is level 53 - 54's. I figured you needed one area that is extremely difficult. I'm thinking the level 53 - 54 area should be at the bottom of a large crater to help separate it from the rest of the zone. The Manilius Lunar impact Crater seemed to fit the bill rather well for this, as it's located within the Mare Vaporum near it's northeast edge.


Mare Vaporum or "Sea of Vapors" as it is known in English is an area that has been shrouded in mystery for centuries. For unknown reasons and unbeknownst to most of humanity it maintains a temperate environment and a breathable atmosphere. The Atmosphere in the Mare Vaporum was first discovered in the late 1940's after the Second World War but was classified Eyes Only because of political tensions at the start of the cold war.


During the 1960's the NASA finally explored the Mare Vaporum, albeit in secret, and a Moon Base Alpha was established in the mid 1970's. All contact with Alpha was lost during in late 1979. Satellite surveillance showed the base in total disarray and Igneous like creatures roaming the grounds. The base and all personnel were written off as a loss. It was decided not to abandon the Sea of Vapors for Scientific, Political and Military reasons, however the costs of building a second base was prohibitive after already losing one. Thus in the early 1980's the Security Counsel of the United Nations advised on the Sea of Vapors, and the International Outer Space Consortium (IOSC) was born. The United Nations umbrellaed all space agencies under them into the new IOSC. A new landing site was selected at a more secure location, and in the late 1980's the Armstrong Lunar Facility was completed.


Scientific studies of the local ecosystem have convinced IOSC experts that the atmospheric bubble that surrounds the Mare Vaporum has been in place for many millennia. The plant life, within the Sea of Vapors, appears to be terrestrial, and extraterrestrial in origin. In some areas the two differing flora genomes appear to coexist in harmony, while in others they are in a constant state of war. These areas are extremely dangerous as the plants are constantly mutating into new and dangerous forms and attack anything that moves. Extreme caution is advised in these areas. The most dangerous of which is the Manilius Lunar Impact Crater near the northeast edge of the Sea of Vapors.


The Mare Vaporum is a huge area that varies from lush vegetation; to desert, and artic like conditions. The most dangerous part of the zone is the Manilius Lunar Impact Crater where Igneous like creatures, Shivans, and many varieties of Lunar Flora fight for dominance. The zone is overshadowed by the Montes Apenninus mountain range to the north, and Ancient abandoned aliens installations can be found throughout the entire zone.

Recent news

The Rogue Isles lands on the Moon - Recently the self styled Lord Recluse, leader of the Arachnos organization, and ruler of a small group of islands off the coast of Bermuda called the Etoile Islands, but more commonly referred to as the Rogue Isles due to their historical connections with piracy, acquired the funds and technology to send several manned rockets to the moon. Utilizing natural caves near the surface Arachnos personnel were able to construct a moon base in record time. The entrance to the Arachnos Base is very heavily fortified, and the base extends deep into the ground. It is believe that the ships sent by lord Recluse contained teleportation technology and currently the Arachnos base is being supplied with weapons and troops via teleportation. A truce has developed between the personnel of the Armstrong Lunar Facility and those of Arachnos Base.

The Bases

Moon Base Alpha

Moon Base Alpha, was constructed in secret by the United States between 1974 and 1978. The original purpose of the base was scientific research into the atmospheric shield surrounding it, in the hopes of using the technology to developing a missile shield. In 1975 a Russian covert operations team uncovered classified documents concerning the base. In an attempt at subterfuge NASA backed a short-lived Science Fiction television series called "Space 1999" depicting a highly fictionalized Moon Base Alpha. NASA's plan succeeded beyond expectations, the information the Russian team uncovered was regarded as fiction, along with all future references to Moon Base Alpha. After contact was lost in 1979 the base was written off as a total loss. Only recently was it discovered that the 5th Column was behind the loss of contact. How they were able to do it is still unknown. The 5th Column has had nearly 30 years to change the base from a scientific research station into a veritable fortress. It is believed that the fighting and the explosions caused during the 5th Column's takeover caused cave-ins, which disturbed the Moon Igneous and forced them to the surface. 5th Column patrols can be found fighting with Moon Igneous in the area surrounding the base. It is a hazardous area where an unwary hero could easily stumble upon on going battles between the 5th Column and Moon Igneous, or into traps set by either group.

Armstrong Lunar Facility

Named after United States Astronaut Neil Armstrong, the first man to step on the moon. Commonly referred to as Armstrong Base it was constructed between 1984 and 1989 with defense as a priority by the then newly formed IOSC. While it is primarily a scientific research station, the Armstrong Lunar Facility more closely resembles a fortress and is manned by IOSC scientists and astronauts. Rockets would routinely transfer food and supplies, during the decade and a half following its construction. This continued, even after the advent of teleportation because of insufficient range. Only recently with the construction of Gagarin Station was teleportation to and from the moon been feasible. Since the construction of Gagarin Station the base has expanded exponentially in both personnel and size. Armstrong Base is now a cluster of new buildings and construction encircling the original defensive parameter. Armstrong Base is slowly being encroached on by the more hostile plant life in the Mare Vaporum. A Vanguard Task Force patrols the area outside the base and is attempting to curtail the incursion of the Lunar Flora. The flora is slowly overwhelming them and any help you can give is welcomed. Contact the Armstrong Lunar Facility Security Chief to give them a hand.

Arachnos Base

The Arachnos Moon Base was constructed underground and is commonly referred to as the Lunar Labyrinth. Lord Recluse's ships brought tunneling equipment and immediately put them to use. Within weeks a small base was dug out, and an advance teleportation device set up. Afterward Arachnos Base expanded quickly and discovered a warren of subterranean tunnels these tunnels were quickly transformed into part of the base. Arachnos Base encroached on the underground territory of the Igneous, and the Igneous have begun launched numerous Subterranean attacks on it in an effort to drive them out of the caverns. The Igneous are slowly overwhelming the Arachnos troops, any help you can give them would be greatly appreciated, contact the Arachnos Base Security Chief to give them a hand. A Peacebringer and Warshade contact can be found next to the chief.

Gagarin Orbital Platform

Named after Russian Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, First man in space, the Gagarin Orbital Platform, commonly referred to as Gagarin Station, was built to provide a teleportation waypoint to Armstrong Base, as well as provide a weightless environment for experimental research. Gagarin Station was completed in 2006, and has been the waypoint for travel to the Moon ever since.

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Old 01-18-2015, 10:23 PM
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International Outer Space Consortium

IOSC was formed in 1981 by the United Nations Security Counsel (UNSC). Itís first major undertaking was the building of Armstrong Base. The IOSC answers directly only to the UNSC.

The Armstrong Lunar Facility Security Chief
The Security Chief gives out continuous timed or hunt missions similar to those given by Borea in the Rikti War Zone. Missions such as gothering moon rocks, can be sources of salvage, inspirations, temp powers, and even moon themed costumes. With thanks to Catsi for the suggestion.

Shivans: Shivans arrived on the lunar surface in late December of 1989 on meteors just a few short months after Bloody Bay's infamous meteor shower. They appear to congregate around and in the Manilius Lunar Impact Crater, adding yet another danger to that already extremely dangerous area.

Moon Igneous: While similar in appearance to those Igneous found in the Hollows, these Igneous vary in abilities from that of their distant terrestrial cousins. Vanguard operatives indicate the creatures come in 4 types, which can be distinguished by their inner glow that can be seen through the cracks in their skin. Red Igneous have heat-based abilities identical to those encountered on earth, White Igneous have cold-based abilities, Blue Igneous have electrical-based abilities, and Green Igneous have radiation-based abilities. The lower lunar gravity also allows them to cling to the roofs of caves and drop down on unwary travelers.

Arachnos: The Arachnos are a criminal group formed in Italy in the early 20th century and is ruled over by Lord Recluse. Arachnos troops on the moon are allied with heroes and the Vanguard to help combat a bigger threat, however it should be noted that some Arachnos have formed personal grudges against a few heroes, and have been known to attack them on sight.
Vanguard: The Vanguard are a United Nations backed superhero organization based out of London, and were hired by the IOSC to keep security around Armstrong Base. Vanguard troops on the moon are allied with villains and the Arachnos to help combat a bigger threat, however it should be noted that some vanguard have formed personal grudges against a few villains, and have been known to attack them on sight.

5th Column: The 5th Column units on the moon were cut off from the rest of the 5th column on earth when the war with the council took place, leaving the moon as the last bastion of the 5th column. Military Intelligence believes that the 5th Column is building their strength in secret to overthrow the Council back on earth.

Lunar Flora: Several sub species of Lunar Flora have been noted, Tree like Entís, Toxic Spore Throwers, Electric Vines, Trap plants, and exploding fruit trees. They will attack anything that moves, including each other.


Baron Klaus VonKraut (5th Column) With thanks to Bounzer for coming up with the idea " Let's face it everyone thinks the 5th column are Nazi's so you have to include the rumor of a villain whose brain is being kept alive in a jar. - Bounzer " Many years ago a group of heroes successfully prevented an attempt to take over the world by Baron Klaus VonKraut. He was left mortally wounded in a base that was self-destructing. As time passed rumors kept springing up that the baron had survived and was plotting revenge. Investigations always led to dead ends however. The baron however really did survive. Loyal henchmen rescued him as the base was exploding and spirited him away. The Baron was taken to a secret lab where his followers worked feverishly to save his life. They did manage to keep him alive, but were unable to repair his body. His brain was removed and put on life support in a jar. His people took him to the moon for safety until they could create him a new body. As the 5th column scientists worked on creating him a new body, the isolation drove him insane. When they performed the surgery to reunite his brain with his new nearly indestructible body he broke free and escaped onto the lunar surface, where he now resides and attacks everyone indiscriminately. Defeating the Baron earns you the Madman in the Moon Badge.


A new 5th Column Arch-Villain living in the original base. (A kill all mission) Retake Moon Base Alpha!

An Igneous Arch-Villain living in the Caves near the original base. (A find the missing object mission) Find the Missing Satellite!

New Story Arc

With thanks to Weisse_Sturm for giving me the idea "Really, I don't see anyone better to build a giant planet-threatening laser than the 5th. Freaking Nazis, always doing stuff like that. - Weisse_Sturm" Story-Arc: Starts out small something like defeat 50 5th Column troops to gather information. You discover they have been working on a top-secret project for years, but are unable to find out where they are working on it. But you do discover the location of a cave of Moon Igneous. After defeating all Igneous in the cave (By the way these Igneous are upgraded. They can climb cave walls and ceilings, and drop onto unwary visitors) you discover the remnants of a 5th Column research station. Your contact is able to tell you that it appears that the 5th Column was doing Laser research. Take down another 50 5th Column soldiers, and you are directed toward another research outpost. This time you must travel deep within the Manilius Lunar impact Crater which is the most dangerous jungle in the Sea of Vapors. Fight your way through the jungle to the old Research Station. Find all the clues left behind by the staff when it was abandoned. You discover the location of the laser. It's being built in a side cavern along the wall of the Sea of Vapors. Find it and destroy it. It's defended by guards and pillboxes, take them out and then take out the Laser.
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With special thanks to Soltares for some new Ideas. (I have in mind something like an Ancient Alien artifact that causes the Mare Vaporum to have a livable environment) Discover the secrets of the Mare Vaporum - Several tasks, the first of which is to find out what the 5th Column has been working on in a hidden lab. A kill all mish, which ends when each team member has collected one of the items the 5th Column was working on. (each team member would have to collect an experimental alien tech Atmospheric Belt, much like in the Terra Volta Reactor core for the mission to end) You discover that the 5th Column has uncovered some of the alien atmosphere sustaining technology, and have taken samples of it, and have discovered the location of several ancient alien bases located outside of the atmospheric bubble. Your contact has directed you use the Atmospheric Belts to explore each of the alien bases outside the Mare Vaporum on the lifeless surface of the moon.

The bases contain a new race of aliens that appear to have been here for a very long time. The aliens seem to go into a state of hibernation or suspended animation when caught in a vacuum. Some sort of accident a long time ago caused the Atmospheric bubble to shrink to its present size. All the aliens caught outside the Atmospheric bubble went into hibernation waiting to be awakened by the fist trace of an atmosphere. This race of aliens appears to have been kidnapping people from the earth using Teleportation for hundreds if not thousands of years. Each base contains several ancient humans being held in suspended animation chambers. Your job, defeat all the aliens, rescue the humans and bring them back to the atmospheric bubble of the Mare Vaporum. You must keep them close to you so they remain within the atmospheric bubbles created by your belts when you take them to the bubble. (History Badge - Ancient Knowledge: If you rescue all the ancient humans you discover facts about the past never known before.)

Final Mission your contact has been able to decipher the alien language and has discovered the whereabouts of an extremely powerful Teleportation device capable of transmitting people across interstellar distances. Your task is to defeat all aliens in the base and to disable the device before it can be used to call reinforcements from their home planet. Unfortunately, the return of breathable atmosphere to the base has caused the hibernating aliens within it to awaken as well, ravenous for food after their long slumber... I'm thinking about a nice battle like in the Terra Volta Reactor Core only you're the one trying to destroy the core / teleporter with awakened aliens coming in waves trying to stop you from destroying the Teleportation device, and a few waves coming from the aliens home planet via the Teleportation Device.

Upon completion of the Taskforce You find a nice souvenir, a book written in alien script entitled "To Serve Man".

Second Moon Taskforce - Finding the Core

With thanks to graywolf10 for the idea. You speak with Astronaut Lonith located in the Armstrong Lunar Facility who informs you of a little task that he needs accomplished.

1st Mission - I want you to talk to my fellow astronauts located around the moon, come back when finished. you are directed to speak with 5 different astronauts to learn more about the moon.

2nd Mission - Astronaut Lonith informs you that there has been an Alien Invasion, You must hurry to their Space Ship and defeat them before they can attack! The Space Ship is located in a crater full of all sorts of nasty surprises. You must defeat them all. After defeating them, return to Astronaut Lonith.

3rd Mission - Astronaut Lonith states "Good Job destroying those aliens! Now I need you to find a Drill, a very Large Drill. I've heard rumors that the aliens had these in some of their labs. Take this map. I've marked down the location of a lab that is believed to have some of these drills. You will need one of these special Atmospheric Belts to survive in the vacuum outside the Atmospheric Bubble where the lab is located. Take this homing beacon and attach it to the drill so it can be teleported away when you find it. defeat all aliens in the lab and retrieve the drill

4th Mission - Astronaut Lonith informs you "Good job! I had the drill sent to a good friend of mine Jim Foro makes and installs Cockpits. He is installing a cockpit on the drill as we speak for you and your teammates. I need you to take the drill down to the center of the moon. Go talk to Jim he should have it ready when you get there. He's in a lab on the other side of the zone.

5th Mission - Jim Foro tells you "The cockpit is installed. I have a message from Lonith, he needs you to travel to the core and kill the Alien Lord and the Moon Igneous Lord. They are very tough I wish you the best of luck...I hope your Ready. defeat all aliens and Igneous. Upon completion you are awarded the Moon Miner Badge"
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Travel Power Suppression.

The mysterious energy that causes the temperate environment and a breathable atmosphere in the Sea of Vapors also cancels out all travel powers (make the high level Heroes trudge through the Hazard Zone just like the low levels have to do in the Hollows). Upon the completion of the Taskforce you get a special artifact that counters this effect (Allows you to use your travel powers again).

Special Powers

Lower Gravity - Everyone has a temporary power that allows you to jump much higher than on the earth. (I believe the programming and physics could be worked out quite nicely, perhaps adding some extra knockback to attacks also).

Badges Special thanks to graywolf10 for some of the badge and Accolade ideas.

Astronaut Badge - You arrived on the moon. (Located right inside of the Teleporter)

Cosmonaut Badge - You found the missing satellite. . (You found a crashed Russian Satellite)

One Small Step - You found the Lunar Lander from the first Moon Landing. Special thanks to Catsi for this badge idea.

Monolith - You discovered an alien artifact. (Located on a Large Black Monolith)

Crater Badge - you have explored one of the deepest craters on the moon . (located at the bottom of the deepest crater).

CuppaJo Badge - You find the coffee shop, inside the Armstrong Lunar Facility and you order a CuppaJo from CuppaJo (who else?). She is standing behind the bar, drinking a coffee of course. Costs you 500 Influence. After drinking 100 coffees with CuppaJo she gives you a badge. (Hey! Before you complain about the cost remember this is the moon! You're lucky you even get coffee! >< :grin: CuppaJo you will be missed)

Terminator - You have stood atop the Montes Apenninus mountain range as the Terminator passed over you, and watched the moon change from light to darkness. (The terminator is the scientific name for dividing line between the sunlit side and the shadowed portions of the Moon's surface. You can only get the badge at dusk. Thanks to Virginia_Belle for the badge idea.)

Terminator 2 - You have stood atop the Montes Apenninus mountain range as the Terminator passed over you, and watched the moon change from darkness to light. (The terminator is the scientific name for dividing line between the sunlit side and the shadowed portions of the Moon's surface. You can only get the badge at dawn. Thanks to Virginia_Belle for the badge idea.)

Mountain Climber Badge - you have climbed the Montes Apenninus mountain range

Moon Man - you have spent 20 hours on the moon (Awarded upon staying 20 hours on the moon).

History badge - Ancient Knowledge Badge - You discover facts about the past never known before. Granted after you have rescued all the ancient humans from the first task force.

History badge - Spaceman Badge - You discovered the secrets of the Moon. (Awarded after reading 3 plaques about the First landing site, The First hero on the moon, and Hostile plant life).

History badge - Shadow of Man Badge -You have seen and learned why there is a man in the moon. Awarded after reading 7 plaques located throughout the Mare Vaporum, and one located on earth in the Teleporter departure room.

Alien Vanquisher - You have struck fear into the aliens of the moon. (Kill 150 Aliens of any kind)

Flora Badge - you have stopped the encroachment of the hostile Vegetation. (Kill 500 hostile plants)

Moon Igneous - You discovered the Secret of the Moon Igneous. (Kill 500 Moon Igneous)

Alpha Badge - You have found out how the 5th Column took over the original base. (kill 100 5th Column)

Laser Badge - you have destroyed a giant planet-threatening laser (awarded upon completion of the Laser Story Arc)

Moon Miner Badge - you have destroyed all creatures at the core of the moon. (awarded upon completion of the Finding the Core Taskforce)

Madman in the Moon Badge - You have defeated Baron Klaus VonKraut. Special thanks to Bounzer for this idea and badge.


Moon Accolade - You have completed the Moon Task Force (gives you the power to use your travel powers again)

Moon Logistics Accolade - Obtained by getting, Cosmonaut Badge, Astronaut Badge, Laser Bade, Alpha Badge, Spaceman Badge and the Mountain Climber Badge. Effects: +DEF to Psi +Res (Mez, Confuse, Stun, Hold) Self Click lasts 2 minutes, Recharge Very long.

Space Explorer Accolade - Obtained by, gaining the following badges - Moon Miner Badge, Moon Igneous Badge, Flora Badge, Monolith Badge, Crater Badge, Ancient Knowledge Badge, Shadow of Man Badge, and the Alien Vanquisher badge. Effects: + 10% Jump Height (all jumping powers), Run Speed (all running powers), Flight Speed (all flying powers), +TP distance (on all Teleport powers). - Auto (always on).


Why I picked Igneous.

The Igneous are only in the hollows as it stands now. I was thinking it would be fairly simple to upgrade them and put them on the moon, and make the zone level 45 - 53 or higher. Other monster groups are in several zones so having some of them on the moon seemed like a good idea. I was thinking that since they are Moon Igneous their powers could be a bit different too. Perhaps cold or, radiation based for the bosses and or the Lieutenants.

The Vacuum of Space.

Traveling in the vacuum of space without a temporary atmospheric belt power should cause damage similar to that of being in the Terra Volta reactor without a bubble. However I would like this to be untyped damage so it's not resistible (everyone has the same damage being done to them). Now for those of you who have characters who don't breath because they're robots, encased in armor, or have other backstory attributes that allow them to withstand the harshness of outer space. Use your imagination, and think of the damage as solar radiation, the extreme heat or cold of space rather than the lack of air if you must. However to make it fair, everyone should take damage for being in vacuum. I would however like a way to turn off the bubble graphic so that it doesn't show for concept reasons.

The reason for wanting to suppressing travel powers.

Suppressing travel powers would make traveling from one place on the zone to another a bit more of a challenge for what heroes of this range level are used to, and I believe it would enhance the overall enjoyment of the zone. Allowing them to get up close and personal with all the hazards that are available. (Now who would want to miss that?) As stated this is only temporary until the Task Force is completed.

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Default RE:

Thanks a lot for welcoming us to the City of Heroes ultimate fan site forum. It has a lot of advantages to hang out here. Whereas you're curious, you might like
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