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Old 09-28-2014, 06:52 AM
savecityofheroes savecityofheroes is offline
Join Date: Jun 2014
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Default Segs COH or COX

Originally Posted by Statesman View Post
What is the difference between Titan's Icon and the SEGS private server? I know in Icon you can create characters, fly around in cities, spawn/change NPC's and such. But there are limitations -- you can't use any clickables (doors, portals), nor use any powers or talk to contacts.

Is SEGS farther along in the recreation process?
my respond is. This is a issue that is broken. the last time I test it. well Its broken. I think as far as the issues are Segs do not have the finance to do the job and do not have the skills to do the job and there is no one willing to help them out on programing skills. the game dose crash controls are broken. its hopesss as far as Segs COH or COX. What ever. how as far as City of Titans. the data is not clear. only think I can tell is the launch for City of Titans might end up at the end of next year I do not know if its alpha, beta or full working game. only the future can tell

NCSOFT might me talking to people on selling off some kind of contract reguarding COH 1.5. we will see what goes on later part of next year like 2015 that COH 1.5 might get a Alpha game play started. what I do know the new people on the block is working hard on it. and only 2 people working on it and a 2nd unknown group is working on the contract issues with NCSOFT,
while publishing rights is a big huge question on this. its too early to tell
so wait a year at the end of 2015 and see how it goes
COH 1.5 have no relations with Segs COX
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Old 04-23-2015, 03:28 PM
savecityofheroes savecityofheroes is offline
Join Date: Jun 2014
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Default Segs cox

les SEGA COX was a bad drama. I went over there to start a new account then there is a ID theft Segs COX forums. filing a false criminal report that I am a cyber attacker. I have to have the word with the FBI on this.
COX did crash and burn. and its a boot leg copy I do have a lot of bits and pieces to work on.
However There is more
yes Sega did get a bloody nose. and I will be dishing out a 2nd one later on
However there is more
Segs refuse to do there job. fine GOOD Get rid of that trash.
SO SO who is willing to take over the job to rebuild COH? HMMMM?
We all want CITY OF HEROES!
If your thinking about APR your right on the money Atlas Park Revival is working on City of Heroes 1.5. Unreal Engine 4 How about that!
2014 the rebirth of COH 1.5 is on the way. take City of Heroes from the ground up. from scratch. start all over from scratch
is this for real? before I answer that. APR had been hard at work trying to get COH 1.5 its new engine block is a hard one. More bells to learn and more bugs to fix I wish to upload photos. its outstanding
the wait is going to be worth it. Well the only thing that will stop this project
is the publisher NCSOFT. by new they know about it and did not stop it. so that's good news. Who is going to publish COH 1.5? NCSOFT or some one else?
that is the hard core question that I do not have answers to.

while the rebuild is coming along smooth. APT did have some down falls like nuke a zone and rebuild from scratch while another zone size or floor space will shrink in size. that is for 2014 now but one thing left for 2014

every one is wondering alpha launch. game play Alpha. the plan was to get one out at the end of 2015 what ever work was done in 2014 APR had suffered set backs and redo.
for 2015 this is different.
AE building gets a make over. Water effects get a make over and time of day is starting to show its signs. and the year is not even over yet. this is only the beginning of 2015 that update is from March 2015 we still got 7 months X amount days left for the end of the year left APR did give out a shout saying they are working on it for the month of April to learn new stuff to deal with.
what ever it is. the next gen photos is coming up when ever
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Old 05-11-2015, 06:59 AM
savecityofheroes savecityofheroes is offline
Join Date: Jun 2014
Posts: 12
Default Segs COX

the one thing about SEGS'S COX thewe people are crooks, black market scam,
I.D theft. repaort false crime act on to people..
They have also filed crimal charges of me hecking in to the servers around the world by 3rd party false black market fake law enforcers.
then they sell the informtion on to credit card score and so on.,

Also to do private servers is violation of the law. its boot legging.
if that is so serious my stupid question is why the FBI dose not enforce the law?
Cyber attacking City of Heroes fans and customers is a vilation of the law.
I tend to file report of the mater and see what can be done to correct this mater
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Old 12-26-2015, 12:27 AM
CraZboy's Avatar
CraZboy CraZboy is offline
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Man this dude is funny!! So banned!!
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Old 02-18-2016, 08:50 PM
Soundwave Soundwave is offline
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Location: Over there... no, there!
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The first rule of SEGS... you do not talk about SEGS.
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Old 03-04-2016, 03:03 PM
nemerle nemerle is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Jun 2013
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Actually there's been a small revival effort going on recently, spurred on by the 10th anniversary of the project's conception
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Old 06-13-2016, 09:44 PM
nitz nitz is offline
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Join Date: Jun 2016
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As far as I'm concerned there was only one active programmer actually doing relevant commits to the project, a very busy person without focus on S.E.G.S.

He basically threw the "starter" project with all his efforts on the web to see if it would draw attention of more developers but no one saw CoX's fate coming and it lacked interest since the very beginning besides a few issues with NCSoft shutting him down and lack of resources. If I'm not mistaken S.E.G.S is around since 2006.

Other than that the project stall, loads of people wanting results, only a couple of programmers helped.

From my experience, all S.E.G.S. needed was hard work to reverse engineer the client to the server data and back, you already had the client logging in, map loading and movement(server side)was already in the works, I can't think why it would be so hard.

I did some work with new UO Clients back at the time to make new clients work with our server and support new features, that's basically it, once you get it going, things gets easier.

There is no such thing as drama only if you're seeking it, then it's everywhere, S.E.G.S. Github is the only resource I'd recommend if you want to help or take this project over.
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