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I guess I'm behind the times again. I just found this place. Been Jonesing for CoH like a drug

I hope everyone is well

SWTOR was a bust as far as I am concerned (from highly hyped to F2P in less than a year, argh!). I've been fooling around in Mech Warrior Online, Tried Neverwinter and a bunch of others, but dam I miss CoV/H. I havent found anything out there that scratches my gaming itch the way that did.

Oh well If any of you are interested in a giant stompy robot game being developed by an inept(in my opinion) team, Give it a whirl. It's all PvP, but the game play is actually fun and free to play.

My Unit is the 10th Solaris Rangers (, and I go by Ransack (my Fire/SS Tank).

I miss all of my Protector family, especially all of the "Regulars".
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