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Travel Power Suppression.

The mysterious energy that causes the temperate environment and a breathable atmosphere in the Sea of Vapors also cancels out all travel powers (make the high level Heroes trudge through the Hazard Zone just like the low levels have to do in the Hollows). Upon the completion of the Taskforce you get a special artifact that counters this effect (Allows you to use your travel powers again).

Special Powers

Lower Gravity - Everyone has a temporary power that allows you to jump much higher than on the earth. (I believe the programming and physics could be worked out quite nicely, perhaps adding some extra knockback to attacks also).

Badges Special thanks to graywolf10 for some of the badge and Accolade ideas.

Astronaut Badge - You arrived on the moon. (Located right inside of the Teleporter)

Cosmonaut Badge - You found the missing satellite. . (You found a crashed Russian Satellite)

One Small Step - You found the Lunar Lander from the first Moon Landing. Special thanks to Catsi for this badge idea.

Monolith - You discovered an alien artifact. (Located on a Large Black Monolith)

Crater Badge - you have explored one of the deepest craters on the moon . (located at the bottom of the deepest crater).

CuppaJo Badge - You find the coffee shop, inside the Armstrong Lunar Facility and you order a CuppaJo from CuppaJo (who else?). She is standing behind the bar, drinking a coffee of course. Costs you 500 Influence. After drinking 100 coffees with CuppaJo she gives you a badge. (Hey! Before you complain about the cost remember this is the moon! You're lucky you even get coffee! >< :grin: CuppaJo you will be missed)

Terminator - You have stood atop the Montes Apenninus mountain range as the Terminator passed over you, and watched the moon change from light to darkness. (The terminator is the scientific name for dividing line between the sunlit side and the shadowed portions of the Moon's surface. You can only get the badge at dusk. Thanks to Virginia_Belle for the badge idea.)

Terminator 2 - You have stood atop the Montes Apenninus mountain range as the Terminator passed over you, and watched the moon change from darkness to light. (The terminator is the scientific name for dividing line between the sunlit side and the shadowed portions of the Moon's surface. You can only get the badge at dawn. Thanks to Virginia_Belle for the badge idea.)

Mountain Climber Badge - you have climbed the Montes Apenninus mountain range

Moon Man - you have spent 20 hours on the moon (Awarded upon staying 20 hours on the moon).

History badge - Ancient Knowledge Badge - You discover facts about the past never known before. Granted after you have rescued all the ancient humans from the first task force.

History badge - Spaceman Badge - You discovered the secrets of the Moon. (Awarded after reading 3 plaques about the First landing site, The First hero on the moon, and Hostile plant life).

History badge - Shadow of Man Badge -You have seen and learned why there is a man in the moon. Awarded after reading 7 plaques located throughout the Mare Vaporum, and one located on earth in the Teleporter departure room.

Alien Vanquisher - You have struck fear into the aliens of the moon. (Kill 150 Aliens of any kind)

Flora Badge - you have stopped the encroachment of the hostile Vegetation. (Kill 500 hostile plants)

Moon Igneous - You discovered the Secret of the Moon Igneous. (Kill 500 Moon Igneous)

Alpha Badge - You have found out how the 5th Column took over the original base. (kill 100 5th Column)

Laser Badge - you have destroyed a giant planet-threatening laser (awarded upon completion of the Laser Story Arc)

Moon Miner Badge - you have destroyed all creatures at the core of the moon. (awarded upon completion of the Finding the Core Taskforce)

Madman in the Moon Badge - You have defeated Baron Klaus VonKraut. Special thanks to Bounzer for this idea and badge.


Moon Accolade - You have completed the Moon Task Force (gives you the power to use your travel powers again)

Moon Logistics Accolade - Obtained by getting, Cosmonaut Badge, Astronaut Badge, Laser Bade, Alpha Badge, Spaceman Badge and the Mountain Climber Badge. Effects: +DEF to Psi +Res (Mez, Confuse, Stun, Hold) Self Click lasts 2 minutes, Recharge Very long.

Space Explorer Accolade - Obtained by, gaining the following badges - Moon Miner Badge, Moon Igneous Badge, Flora Badge, Monolith Badge, Crater Badge, Ancient Knowledge Badge, Shadow of Man Badge, and the Alien Vanquisher badge. Effects: + 10% Jump Height (all jumping powers), Run Speed (all running powers), Flight Speed (all flying powers), +TP distance (on all Teleport powers). - Auto (always on).


Why I picked Igneous.

The Igneous are only in the hollows as it stands now. I was thinking it would be fairly simple to upgrade them and put them on the moon, and make the zone level 45 - 53 or higher. Other monster groups are in several zones so having some of them on the moon seemed like a good idea. I was thinking that since they are Moon Igneous their powers could be a bit different too. Perhaps cold or, radiation based for the bosses and or the Lieutenants.

The Vacuum of Space.

Traveling in the vacuum of space without a temporary atmospheric belt power should cause damage similar to that of being in the Terra Volta reactor without a bubble. However I would like this to be untyped damage so it's not resistible (everyone has the same damage being done to them). Now for those of you who have characters who don't breath because they're robots, encased in armor, or have other backstory attributes that allow them to withstand the harshness of outer space. Use your imagination, and think of the damage as solar radiation, the extreme heat or cold of space rather than the lack of air if you must. However to make it fair, everyone should take damage for being in vacuum. I would however like a way to turn off the bubble graphic so that it doesn't show for concept reasons.

The reason for wanting to suppressing travel powers.

Suppressing travel powers would make traveling from one place on the zone to another a bit more of a challenge for what heroes of this range level are used to, and I believe it would enhance the overall enjoyment of the zone. Allowing them to get up close and personal with all the hazards that are available. (Now who would want to miss that?) As stated this is only temporary until the Task Force is completed.

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