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With special thanks to Soltares for some new Ideas. (I have in mind something like an Ancient Alien artifact that causes the Mare Vaporum to have a livable environment) Discover the secrets of the Mare Vaporum - Several tasks, the first of which is to find out what the 5th Column has been working on in a hidden lab. A kill all mish, which ends when each team member has collected one of the items the 5th Column was working on. (each team member would have to collect an experimental alien tech Atmospheric Belt, much like in the Terra Volta Reactor core for the mission to end) You discover that the 5th Column has uncovered some of the alien atmosphere sustaining technology, and have taken samples of it, and have discovered the location of several ancient alien bases located outside of the atmospheric bubble. Your contact has directed you use the Atmospheric Belts to explore each of the alien bases outside the Mare Vaporum on the lifeless surface of the moon.

The bases contain a new race of aliens that appear to have been here for a very long time. The aliens seem to go into a state of hibernation or suspended animation when caught in a vacuum. Some sort of accident a long time ago caused the Atmospheric bubble to shrink to its present size. All the aliens caught outside the Atmospheric bubble went into hibernation waiting to be awakened by the fist trace of an atmosphere. This race of aliens appears to have been kidnapping people from the earth using Teleportation for hundreds if not thousands of years. Each base contains several ancient humans being held in suspended animation chambers. Your job, defeat all the aliens, rescue the humans and bring them back to the atmospheric bubble of the Mare Vaporum. You must keep them close to you so they remain within the atmospheric bubbles created by your belts when you take them to the bubble. (History Badge - Ancient Knowledge: If you rescue all the ancient humans you discover facts about the past never known before.)

Final Mission your contact has been able to decipher the alien language and has discovered the whereabouts of an extremely powerful Teleportation device capable of transmitting people across interstellar distances. Your task is to defeat all aliens in the base and to disable the device before it can be used to call reinforcements from their home planet. Unfortunately, the return of breathable atmosphere to the base has caused the hibernating aliens within it to awaken as well, ravenous for food after their long slumber... I'm thinking about a nice battle like in the Terra Volta Reactor Core only you're the one trying to destroy the core / teleporter with awakened aliens coming in waves trying to stop you from destroying the Teleportation device, and a few waves coming from the aliens home planet via the Teleportation Device.

Upon completion of the Taskforce You find a nice souvenir, a book written in alien script entitled "To Serve Man".

Second Moon Taskforce - Finding the Core

With thanks to graywolf10 for the idea. You speak with Astronaut Lonith located in the Armstrong Lunar Facility who informs you of a little task that he needs accomplished.

1st Mission - I want you to talk to my fellow astronauts located around the moon, come back when finished. you are directed to speak with 5 different astronauts to learn more about the moon.

2nd Mission - Astronaut Lonith informs you that there has been an Alien Invasion, You must hurry to their Space Ship and defeat them before they can attack! The Space Ship is located in a crater full of all sorts of nasty surprises. You must defeat them all. After defeating them, return to Astronaut Lonith.

3rd Mission - Astronaut Lonith states "Good Job destroying those aliens! Now I need you to find a Drill, a very Large Drill. I've heard rumors that the aliens had these in some of their labs. Take this map. I've marked down the location of a lab that is believed to have some of these drills. You will need one of these special Atmospheric Belts to survive in the vacuum outside the Atmospheric Bubble where the lab is located. Take this homing beacon and attach it to the drill so it can be teleported away when you find it. defeat all aliens in the lab and retrieve the drill

4th Mission - Astronaut Lonith informs you "Good job! I had the drill sent to a good friend of mine Jim Foro makes and installs Cockpits. He is installing a cockpit on the drill as we speak for you and your teammates. I need you to take the drill down to the center of the moon. Go talk to Jim he should have it ready when you get there. He's in a lab on the other side of the zone.

5th Mission - Jim Foro tells you "The cockpit is installed. I have a message from Lonith, he needs you to travel to the core and kill the Alien Lord and the Moon Igneous Lord. They are very tough I wish you the best of luck...I hope your Ready. defeat all aliens and Igneous. Upon completion you are awarded the Moon Miner Badge"
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