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Default Moon Hazzard Zone

Because it wouldn't be the same without it.

The original Moon Hazard Zone was envisioned way back before City of Villains was announced so the thought of a Co-op zone never crossed my mind. However, I have to agree that a Moon Zone should be a Co-op zone. I however refuse to change the title, this has been the "Moon Hazard Zone" since mid 2004 so I'll keep it as that (this being it's second incarnation, (third now) the first having succumbed to a mod wipe in 2005). I purposely kept the Rikti out of the zone, because frankly I think they are in enough zones as is, and would like to see something different.

Since I'm changing it to a co-op zone instead of a hazard zone. I added a third base for Villains. The second base is now called the Armstrong Lunar Facility as per Positrons update on the subject. The first base will still belong to the 5th Column. (Hey you absolutely have to have the 5th Column on the moon trying to build a giant planet-threatening laser. It just wouldn't be the same without that.

Updated 10/15/2007

Moon Hazard Zone. Level 50+ Co-op Zone

Zone Level

The areas surrounding the bases are level 50 - 51; the majority of the zone is 50 - 52; with one area that is level 52 - 53; which has one small part in the center that is level 53 - 54's. I figured you needed one area that is extremely difficult. I'm thinking the level 53 - 54 area should be at the bottom of a large crater to help separate it from the rest of the zone. The Manilius Lunar impact Crater seemed to fit the bill rather well for this, as it's located within the Mare Vaporum near it's northeast edge.


Mare Vaporum or "Sea of Vapors" as it is known in English is an area that has been shrouded in mystery for centuries. For unknown reasons and unbeknownst to most of humanity it maintains a temperate environment and a breathable atmosphere. The Atmosphere in the Mare Vaporum was first discovered in the late 1940's after the Second World War but was classified Eyes Only because of political tensions at the start of the cold war.


During the 1960's the NASA finally explored the Mare Vaporum, albeit in secret, and a Moon Base Alpha was established in the mid 1970's. All contact with Alpha was lost during in late 1979. Satellite surveillance showed the base in total disarray and Igneous like creatures roaming the grounds. The base and all personnel were written off as a loss. It was decided not to abandon the Sea of Vapors for Scientific, Political and Military reasons, however the costs of building a second base was prohibitive after already losing one. Thus in the early 1980's the Security Counsel of the United Nations advised on the Sea of Vapors, and the International Outer Space Consortium (IOSC) was born. The United Nations umbrellaed all space agencies under them into the new IOSC. A new landing site was selected at a more secure location, and in the late 1980's the Armstrong Lunar Facility was completed.


Scientific studies of the local ecosystem have convinced IOSC experts that the atmospheric bubble that surrounds the Mare Vaporum has been in place for many millennia. The plant life, within the Sea of Vapors, appears to be terrestrial, and extraterrestrial in origin. In some areas the two differing flora genomes appear to coexist in harmony, while in others they are in a constant state of war. These areas are extremely dangerous as the plants are constantly mutating into new and dangerous forms and attack anything that moves. Extreme caution is advised in these areas. The most dangerous of which is the Manilius Lunar Impact Crater near the northeast edge of the Sea of Vapors.


The Mare Vaporum is a huge area that varies from lush vegetation; to desert, and artic like conditions. The most dangerous part of the zone is the Manilius Lunar Impact Crater where Igneous like creatures, Shivans, and many varieties of Lunar Flora fight for dominance. The zone is overshadowed by the Montes Apenninus mountain range to the north, and Ancient abandoned aliens installations can be found throughout the entire zone.

Recent news

The Rogue Isles lands on the Moon - Recently the self styled Lord Recluse, leader of the Arachnos organization, and ruler of a small group of islands off the coast of Bermuda called the Etoile Islands, but more commonly referred to as the Rogue Isles due to their historical connections with piracy, acquired the funds and technology to send several manned rockets to the moon. Utilizing natural caves near the surface Arachnos personnel were able to construct a moon base in record time. The entrance to the Arachnos Base is very heavily fortified, and the base extends deep into the ground. It is believe that the ships sent by lord Recluse contained teleportation technology and currently the Arachnos base is being supplied with weapons and troops via teleportation. A truce has developed between the personnel of the Armstrong Lunar Facility and those of Arachnos Base.

The Bases

Moon Base Alpha

Moon Base Alpha, was constructed in secret by the United States between 1974 and 1978. The original purpose of the base was scientific research into the atmospheric shield surrounding it, in the hopes of using the technology to developing a missile shield. In 1975 a Russian covert operations team uncovered classified documents concerning the base. In an attempt at subterfuge NASA backed a short-lived Science Fiction television series called "Space 1999" depicting a highly fictionalized Moon Base Alpha. NASA's plan succeeded beyond expectations, the information the Russian team uncovered was regarded as fiction, along with all future references to Moon Base Alpha. After contact was lost in 1979 the base was written off as a total loss. Only recently was it discovered that the 5th Column was behind the loss of contact. How they were able to do it is still unknown. The 5th Column has had nearly 30 years to change the base from a scientific research station into a veritable fortress. It is believed that the fighting and the explosions caused during the 5th Column's takeover caused cave-ins, which disturbed the Moon Igneous and forced them to the surface. 5th Column patrols can be found fighting with Moon Igneous in the area surrounding the base. It is a hazardous area where an unwary hero could easily stumble upon on going battles between the 5th Column and Moon Igneous, or into traps set by either group.

Armstrong Lunar Facility

Named after United States Astronaut Neil Armstrong, the first man to step on the moon. Commonly referred to as Armstrong Base it was constructed between 1984 and 1989 with defense as a priority by the then newly formed IOSC. While it is primarily a scientific research station, the Armstrong Lunar Facility more closely resembles a fortress and is manned by IOSC scientists and astronauts. Rockets would routinely transfer food and supplies, during the decade and a half following its construction. This continued, even after the advent of teleportation because of insufficient range. Only recently with the construction of Gagarin Station was teleportation to and from the moon been feasible. Since the construction of Gagarin Station the base has expanded exponentially in both personnel and size. Armstrong Base is now a cluster of new buildings and construction encircling the original defensive parameter. Armstrong Base is slowly being encroached on by the more hostile plant life in the Mare Vaporum. A Vanguard Task Force patrols the area outside the base and is attempting to curtail the incursion of the Lunar Flora. The flora is slowly overwhelming them and any help you can give is welcomed. Contact the Armstrong Lunar Facility Security Chief to give them a hand.

Arachnos Base

The Arachnos Moon Base was constructed underground and is commonly referred to as the Lunar Labyrinth. Lord Recluse's ships brought tunneling equipment and immediately put them to use. Within weeks a small base was dug out, and an advance teleportation device set up. Afterward Arachnos Base expanded quickly and discovered a warren of subterranean tunnels these tunnels were quickly transformed into part of the base. Arachnos Base encroached on the underground territory of the Igneous, and the Igneous have begun launched numerous Subterranean attacks on it in an effort to drive them out of the caverns. The Igneous are slowly overwhelming the Arachnos troops, any help you can give them would be greatly appreciated, contact the Arachnos Base Security Chief to give them a hand. A Peacebringer and Warshade contact can be found next to the chief.

Gagarin Orbital Platform

Named after Russian Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, First man in space, the Gagarin Orbital Platform, commonly referred to as Gagarin Station, was built to provide a teleportation waypoint to Armstrong Base, as well as provide a weightless environment for experimental research. Gagarin Station was completed in 2006, and has been the waypoint for travel to the Moon ever since.

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